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This page is for keeping our sponsors and others updated on our web page's progress. We work on it all FIRST meetings. This page will be a marker of our progress.

WARNING-This page contains the opinions of the Internet team. No other parts of the team are responsible for the opinions expressed here. This is the truth about what we actually did, and we don't feel that we need to kiss up and make like we're perfect little workers. This is not meant to offend any: Teachers, guidance counselors, school officials, government officials, prisoners, rednex, farm animals, hamsters, Hanson fans, non Hanson fans, and any one else that may look at this.

1/16/99- After finally acquiring a temporary comp(mike's laptop), got back to work on the pages. Much busy work, nothing really inspirational. Temporarily redid the index page, among others.

1/18/99- Finished changing the rest of the pages with new info. Found printer drivers for the PR girls. Soon we will be adding some new pictures...hopefully.

1/25/99- New members page is up, along with a few other html's, but most have not been updated as of yet. Played with some more graphics, drank some Coke, and ate some hot dogs. Check back for new updates

1/25/99- Nearly all pages tenatively updated, along with a new one(results). Pictures from this year's team (so far) are up. Finally starting to get used to Mike's laptop (i.e., the little eraser-trackball thing for a mouse).

1/29/99- Didn't really do much today, as we didn't get the comp until late. Still, we put up a link to last year's page, and did play-by-play on the people on the team.

1/29/99- After billions and billions, another first: WE GOT A COMPUTER. Spent what time we had moving the page onto it, adding the requisite software, and listening to Motley Crue.

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