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     Here comes the synopsis...heads up!  The contest this year has one thing that sets it apart from previous years; everyone is on the same side.  Points are awarded to four allied teams, making teamwork more important than ever. 
     The game is played on a large field divided in the middle.  A ramp is in the middle of the divider, balanced in the center.  When on robot crosses it, it flips the other way.  There are two 7 foot goals, each of which is on eight castors.  The goals have to be filled with small balls worth 1 point each.  There are also large colored balls that must be balanced on the top for 10 points.  Additional points are gained for each robot in the end zone at the end of the two minute match.
     There are also some high score objectives.  One of these is the colored ball.  The robot that has their color ball on top gets an additional 10% of the total.  Also, each goal that is on the ramp so that the ramp is balanced doubles the total score.  Another multiplier is time.  The pilots of each robot can choose to shut it down.  When all four are shut down, the clock stops.  The multiplier depends on how much of the original two minutes remains.
A few more items of note; disabled robots can be placed on a stretcher, allowing them to be moved to the end zone for ten points.  Alliances only last for one game, so points are cumulative.  Also, the maximum starting height of the robot is 5 feet, which presents a strategic problem because the goals are seven feet high.
     Overall, this year poses a challenging objective.  The need to work together and move disabled allies requires new strategies and a new batch of technical questions need to be solved.

Produced by Matt Smith.


Wow...This contest is a real doozy.  I think I might have someone summarize it for the purpose of the web page so that I can post something of interest up here.  -Suho-

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