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Maple Sugar Festival
April 28th, 29th  

Donor Dinner
April 26th

April 5-8th

Dinner with Android KT
April 4th, 7:00pm

Towanda Lions / IMC Expo
March 31st
7am-9am TAMS / 10am-3pm Sayre

Yard Sale
March 24th

Ship Date (nationals)
March 20th

Mtg. at TAMS
March 11 & 18th, 2:00pm

Regional Competition (Rutgers Uni., NJ)
March 16-18th
March 15-Travel
March 16 and 17th-Competition
March 18-Travel

Lasagna Dinner
Feb.23, 5-7 
1st Baptist Church, Canton St., Troy

Ship Date (regionals)
Feb. 20th

Bake Sale
Feb. 10, 9-3, Towanda K-Mart

Winter Fest
Feb. 3 and 4, Sat. and Sun.

Jan. 29th (orders due by)

For a good schedule...I would suggest you check out the Calendar. -JSuho-

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