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News log from 2000

News on our team's progress in the US FIRST project.


- Many new members this year. Started updating the webpage for the 2000 season. CAD, Animation and design is underway. Copy of the ramp and trough were built, and students practiced their ball-throwing skills to practice the chance of being a human player.


- Designing a new format for the webpage. Prototype parts of the bot are under construction, and the animation is off to a good start. Fundraising is going well, but we still have a long way to go. Chairman's award deadline is almost here, and it's almost time to turn up the heat, not much time left.


- New webpage format looks pretty good. It's crunch time already - the Chairman's Award is due next Friday. Work on the bot's base started tonight, and is going great so far. The animation is looking good, and CAD is still well underway. Everything is going great, but we're running out of time already. Meetings will now be held on a nightly basis to get things moving faster.


- Just finished up some more of the video for the Chairman's Award , it's coming along great. The animation is almost finished. Getting some pictures for the wepbage up. Building of the bot is finally underway. The prototyping is all done, they have a design set, and work on the base looks good so far. Nightly meetings continue and we're still short on time.


- We're running out of time and the robot isn't done yet! Many people slept (breifly) here last night and are planning to do the same tonight. Only a few more days to finish everything. Had to remove several parts as the robot was overweight. Most parts are done and looking pretty good. It will be done with little time to spare.


-The robot is out of our hands now. As of today we are getting all the small things together for regionals. There isn't much else to update you on at the present moment. The webpage is under serious construction. There are a lot of cosmetic things that need to be changed and fixed. But I'm on top of that as we speak.


-Not really much to say about the robot. other than we are still working on getting all the small things around for Regionals and getting things around for Nationals. Other than that we continue to have regular meetings to discuss strategies and to look over film and the like. The webpage is under major construction as many can tell. I hope to have the webpage up and running to where I would like to have everything up that I plan to have up by the time we leave for Rutgers.


-We just got back from Rutgers on Saturday and I've finally got around to updating the page. We fared fairly well in the competition. Yet we were not picked for the finals. Chuck 4 plans on making a much better showing at Nationals considering we've goteen more practice driving and manuevering him. Personally it was my frist competition so I was just trying to take everything in. I'm also semi-new to our team so it gave me a chance to get to know them. It was a good team building experience and now we know what to expect. The team is optimistic with our chances at nationals. I would just like to advance a good luck to all the teams involved at Rutgers and all the teams that will be involved in Nationals. P.S. I'm still working on adding some pic.s to the memebers pages and more pictures of the robot (C4) and maybe even just various pictures.


-Sorry about the long wait. It has just taken me a long long time for me to figure out all this ftp stuff. I'm not computer expert...but I am in charge of the webpage just about in full now. So if u have any mistakes please bring them to my attention. You can email me at and any suggestions there would be helpful too. I need to get back to updating the pictures section. Enjoy! -Suho

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