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Meeting Schedule

The WATTNESS FIRST team is very busy during the months of January and February. The team schedule is listed below, along with important deadlines for the various FIRST awards.

Standard meetings will continue from 4-9 on Monday and Wednesday, 8-5 on Friday and Saturday. We will also be meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on, but these meetings are optional. This schedule will continue until at least February 22.

Other important dates:

February 11
Chairman's Award due at FIRST offices by 5 p.m. eastern

February 22
Deadline to ship out Chuck

February 28
Team Party counts for Regional and National Championship

March 9-11
Kennedy Space Center Southeast Regional, Great Lakes Regional

March 15
Autodesk Award is due at Autodesk Offices by 5pm EST.

March 16-18
Johnson & Johnson Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition at Rutgers University

March 30-April 1
UTC New England Regional, NASA Ames Regional

April 6-8
National Championships

April 8
Distribution of Judge's Awards at Epcot Center

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