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This page is about the schools that participate in the FIRST competition. Listed below are the schools and links to their web page, if they have one. As you can see, our team name is an acronym coming from letters of the schools' names.

Waverly High School

Athens High School

Troy High School

Towanda High School

Northeast Bradford

Each year, colleges offer certain scholarships to US FIRST participants. Below is a brief list of the scholarships available. For more information, please see the official US FIRST website, under the Competition Documentation.

  • Drexel University (8)-- $5000/yr
  • Kettering University (5)-- $5000/yr
  • University of Detroit (1)-- $9000/yr
  • Daniel Webster College (1)-- $7500/yr
  • Northeastern University (1)-- Full Tuition
  • US Coast Guard Academy MITE (6)-- $Full Tuition
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1)-- $Full Tuition

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