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The 1998 Northeast region first competition will be held at Rutgers University on March 19th, 20th, and 21st. The full address is

Rutgers University
College Avenue Gymnasium
New Brunswick, NJ 08903
(908) 445-2766

Teams must design and build robots to collect, transport and lift balls. In addition to a robot, each team will be allowed to use a human player to interact with the balls. The robots will compete within a hexagon-shaped playing field with an 8 foot tall, hexagon-shaped central goal, with three rail goals extending outward from the center goal. The players will be located at stations just outside the playing field.

Each team will have 9 balls which can be placed on the rail goals or in the central goal to score points. The balls will be color coded to identify team ownership. Points will be awarded to teams at the conclusion of each two minute match according to the number of balls and their positions.

Each ball placed in a rail goal will be worth points. The balls placed in the central goal will not score points in themselves but will serve to double points made by balls placed in the rail goals. The position of a ball placed on the rail goals will determine how many points it is worth. Placement of a ball on the outer third of the rail goal will be worth 3 points, on the middle third 2 points, and on the inner third 1 point. If a team places balls solely in the central goals, no points will be awarded. Since it is probable teams may have tied score points at the end of the match, tie breakers will decide the team placement for the match.

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