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2/6/98- Construction is coming pretty good. The base is almost done. And elevator is coming well also. All the thinking and planning is all coming together, and we're getting to see some pretty neat results.

2/7/98- Construction slowed down considerably as most of day spent trying to redesign and cut down the weight of a certain part of the robot.

2/9/98- The group is still trying to figure out how to cut down on some weight. Hopefully we'll get some work done, because in less than 2 weeks, our robot has to be shipped away.

2/11/98-Today, we voted on robot's colors (Purple and Black), did some parts routing, started travel arrangements, and worked on animation. Finally starting to pick up speed again.

2/13/98-Many dignitaries, along with the press, visited today to look at our progress.

2/14/98-Construction really starting to speed up, with various robot sections being welded together and otherwise built up. Looks good as far as meeting deadline.

2/18/98-More construction, with even better progress towards completing in time.

2/20/98- The Robot is in the latter stages of construction. We've got the elevator now put on, and are soon adding the squeezer also. Things are coming together great, and we're starting to act like a team more than ever before.

2/23/98- Finally put together and run the robot, which worked beautifully. It's Chuck time.

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