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This page is for keeping our sponsors and others updated on our web page's progress. We work on it all FIRST meetings. This page will be a marker of our progress.

WARNING-This page contains the opinions of the Internet team. No other parts of the team are responsible for the opinions expressed here. This is the truth about what we actually did, and we don't feel that we need to kiss up and make like we're perfect little workers. This is not meant to offend any: Teachers, guidance counselors, school officials, government officials, prisoners, rednex, farm animals, hamsters, Hanson fans, non Hanson fans, and any one else that may look at this.

1/21/98- Started the rough drafts of our main page (main HTML for that page was finished that night), and sponsors pages. A rough night, full of arguing over ideas, and trying to get use of the computer hooked up to the Internet.

1/24/98- Started the members page.

1/26/98- Finished up the sponsors page. Arrived at a background and colors that we all agreed with

1/28/98- Finished versions of all the main pages are up. Fixxxxed loots off typo'ss, and other small mistakes. Started the Schedule page. It's getting very hard to get new graphics from our sponsors, and other things we need off the web, because the girls just won't stop hanging on the Internet comp, checking their e-mail.

1/30/98- Received a new computer to do our work on. Fixed some spelling mistakes, and added a few new pages. Made some new graphics. Spent most of the day making graphics and setting up the new comp for our needs.

1/31/98- Wasn't much to do today, so we spent most of it helping out the guys who are building the jammer. Started a dedication to chuck page, and put the little link lists at the bottoms of the pages.

2/2/98- All the mistakes we've made over the past few days were fixed by Mike. He cleaned up some HTML and we fixed some of the graphics. Finally we uploaded some of the new stuff we've been working on.

2/4/98- Very productive meeting. We uploaded a new pictures page after finally receiving the pictures from the PR people. Updated quite a few pages, and listened to a lot of Guns and Roses.

2/6/98- We made the news page, and downloaded a new graphics program. Spell checked and listened to the new Pearl Jam album (it rules!!!!).

2/7/98- Not much happening. Let the CAD people play around with the computer after a failed attempt to install a (unnecessary) security program. Didn't do very much to the page, as the Chicken was flyin' solo today.

2/9/98- With the Internet now hooked up to our computer, updating files and other things involving the Internet became a lot easier (funny, our cubicle became the place to be also hmmm...) Updated a few pages, including the sponsors page.

2/11/98- Much of today spent customizing the computer. Played with the 3D program some. Tried to think up new stuff for the page. Made the graphic for the link to the US FIRST page.

2/13/98- Busy day, with Chamber of Commerce and Senator Chadwick here looking at our stuff, with the ever-present media circus tagging along. Added one more button to the page under the GPU one. Surfed the net some, looking for cool music. Other activities included eating, breathing, etc.

2/14/98- Didn't do too much with net today. Started construction of a schools page. Should be up soon, if we decide to keep it.

2/16/98- Finished and uploaded the schools page. Worked on 3d animation. Fixed some graphics.

2/18/98- Added Bradford County link on pages. Played with 3D animation. Listened to much Dream Theater. Registered with various search engines on web. Etc.

2/20/98- Added tons of new sponsors. Updated the news and updates pages. Most of the day, the internet team was helping build the Robot, because the bot needs to be shipped away soon.

2/23/98- Finally put up pictures of this year's robot. Fear us.

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