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The SWATT 2C FIRST team is made up of engineers, teachers, and students from the Sayre, Waverly, Athens, Troy and Towanda School Districts, plus adult volunteers from around the community. The SWATT team is divided into several different sections, each charged with doing a certain part of what is needed to design and build the robot, from construction to public relations.

Group Photos

The teams are shown below.


The Internet team is responsible for keeping up relations with the public via the Internet. They are also charged with keeping the team up to date with the US FIRST web site. 

Members: Jared Oldroyd, Jesse MacNett, Matt Paul 

Public Relations/Documentation

The public relations team is in charge of keeping up good relations with the masses and with potential sponsors, as well as keeping current sponsors up to date. They document the proceedings with notes, pictures, and film. 

Members: Becky Socha, Renata Stiehl, Heather VanWinkle, Amy Debach, Marta Scholl 


The controllers team is responsible for programming the robot to perform it's specified functions and for actually driving the robot at the competition. 

Members: Scott Greene, and other potential operators 


The animation team creates a computer-generated video for the purpose of hyping the robot for the competition. Using 3D Studio Max, this group of students ventures into the exciting world of 3D animation! 

Members: Justin Watson, Josh Bowman, Pete Dehaan, Nate Swetland


The fund-raising team keeps track of finances, as well as searching out potential sponsors and asking for donations. 

Members: Xyline Robinson, Stacey Woodruff 


The Design Team is divided into three sections, one for each major section of the robot. The sections are:

Base- The base designers are responsible for designing the base section of the robot, as well as building it once they find a base design which fits their needs best.

Members: Luke Krauss, Darren Roy, Brian Bonning

Lift- The persons in this area are charged with finding a way to elevate the ball handling mechanism into position, as well as construction of the chosen system.

Members: Travis Hodgdon, Mike Connell, Dan Swain, David Cooke

Handling Mechanism- The designers in this section are in charge of finding a way to grab the balls and release them at given times, along with fabricating it once they have an approved design.

Members: Cory Baker, Ray Campbell, Brad Balthaser, Luke Powers

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